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SIC Zaniboni Srl make laser marking machines on demand. After an experience of 350 machines built on request, Zaniboni staff possess know-out an adaptability for each new request.
Machine dimensions
Long, narrow, wide, or tower. Each dimensions is customized as the customer needs depending on the type of pieces to be marked.
Robot integrations
The machine is built a favor of opening towards the large robot. The communcation of the machine cycle is in agreement with a supervisor.

Vision auto-centering
Before marking, the camera identifies the position of the piece for automatic centering.

Laser marking machines.
Our company offer at differents sources of laser, from 1064nm FAYb Ytterbium to YAG:Diode until 200w. Depending of the required application Co2 from 25w to 50w sources, and available UV 355nm from 3w to 6w
Cobot collaborative
For automation flexibility, today we are able to offe a complete cobot system for piece loading / unoading.

We can offer various services : preventive visit scheduled, or quickly service, or spares parts available
Management by SIC Marking Group SAS (France)
SIC Zaniboni
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