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8:30-17:30  Mon-Fri

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From internal employers we make at technical services, visiting your site in the world wide, or by remote controll from the office.
Hassle free package
We offer a package of services and assistance solutions for your machines.

Spare parts
Our spare parts warehouse has the capacity to have all the components available too be shipped to the customer quickly.

Our staff consists of a group of people for the design of new solutions, with many experiences in 20 years.

Preventive programm
Our company offer at technical visit in order to preventive any anomalies caused at forced stopped of the machine and your production capacity.
World Wide
Our company are inside in the world wide group where can be contact avoid solutions.

We can offer various services : preventive visit scheduled, or quickly service, or spares parts available
Management by SIC Marking Group SAS (France)
SIC Zaniboni
Via Pinerolo 13/8A, Frossasco 10060 ITALY

vat IT-09118460014
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